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What kind of lock should I use on my storage unit?

What kind of lock should I use on my storage unit?

We hear this question all the time, “what kind of lock should I use?”  It’s a really obvious answer actually.  The use of an inferior lock is a sure fire way to get your unit broken into.  Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon to come across a storage unit with a lock that looks like it belongs on a suitcase.  It makes me ask the question, “does this person even care about his or her items?”

There are 2 types of locks that we recommend using.  The first type is a disc lock.  These locks are round in shape, constructed of hardened stainless steel, and make it very difficult for a potential thief to get bolt cutters on the lock shank.  Almost any hardware store or big box retailer will sell these locks.  They generally cost between $10 and $20, depending on the security level you are interested in.  We recommend this type of lock if the door latch is not set up to accept our other choice of lock, a cylinder lock.  A cylinder lock, or barrel lock, is also made of stainless steel and inserts into the door latch.  With this type of lock, there is no lock shank for a potential thief to cut.  These locks are a little harder to come by, but we sell these locks in our rental office at any facility that has doors to accept this type of lock.

Furthermore, while there is virtually no lock that is “thief-proof”, choosing a secure lock will drastically reduce the chances of your storage unit ever getting broken into.  Of course, there are endless options of locks out there.  If you have a question of whether or not your lock is secure enough, stop in our rental office and ask one of our experts.  They will be glad to help!

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