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Storage FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers.

When can I move in?

Units are clean and available upon rental.  Units can be rented 6 days a week during office hours, or after hours by appointment.
How do I pay my bill?
You can pay your bill by person at our rental office, over the phone by credit card, or online on our website.  SI Safe Storage accepts cash, checks, and credit cards for payment.
What is my responsibility if my address changes?
Let us know, and we can provide you with a “change of address form.”  This form will have to be filled out and signed by the tenant.
How should I pack my things for storage?
See our Storage Tips page for information regarding the best methods for packing.
What forms of payments do you accept?
We accept all type of payment methods – cash, checks, and major credit cards.
What type of lock should I use?
We recommend a disc or cylinder lock for the highest level of security.  Please ask our management if you have a question about whether or not your lock is sufficient.
Are there any restricted Items?
Yes, do not store food, animal feed, grass seed or other organic materials, explosives or fuel, insect infested household goods, or illegal items.

How do I protect against insects?
As with any storage unit, insects and rodent can periodically make there way into a unit.  Our management sprays for insects on a regular basis, and also sprays each unit prior to rental.  Since we no longer have access to the inside of the unit after rental, it is the tenants responsibility to spray periodically to protect their contents.  We ask that tenants do not store food or other organic material, and recommend the use of sealed plastic containers and mattress storage bags for protection.
What if I loose my key?
While we do sell locks, we do not have keys to customer locks.  If you loose your key, we can schedule the lock to be cut off by management for a nominal fee, or you can contact a locksmith.  Just keep in mind, you will be responsible for any damage to the door or latch caused by cutting off a lock.
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