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Storage Tips

Tips for a Good Storage Experience:

  • USE A GOOD LOCK.  This may be an obvious tip, but we can’t stress it enough. Thieves prey on easy targets, so don’t become one by using a cheap lock!
  • Insure your contents. SI Safe Storage does not insure our customers’ stored contents.  Check with your home owner’s or renter’s insurance agent, or pick up a brochure in one of our offices for more information on content insurance.
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect everything, especially things which come into contact with foods or other organic materials, such as appliances, kitchen utensils, toiletry items, furniture, ect.
  • Sealable, plastic containers are recommended.  When using cardboard boxes, always use ones in good condition and seal all openings with packing tape.
  • When possible, stack smaller, lighter items on shelves, tables, or other large furniture.  The idea is to limit what is setting directly on the floor.
  • Do not store food. The storing of canned goods is generally safe, but thoroughly clean the cans/jars and place within plastic, sealed containers.  Also, consider donating food items to a charity.
  • Do not store animal feed, grass seed, or other organic materials.
  • Store mattresses in plastic mattress storage bags for protection.
  • Utilize Climate Controlled Storage for sensitive items, such as electronics, fine wood furniture, or important document files.
  • If possible, get a little more storage space than you actually need.  It is always best to leave enough space to move around and inspect stored items.
  • Check on stored items frequently.  Catching problems early is always best.
  • Place kill traps, over-the-counter poisons, or insect repellents around the perimeter of your items within the storage unit, and replace regularly.